Fibre / Metal Art

This page shows the collaborative art of Moonbeam/Nosivad.

We are Judee Moonbeam, fibre artist — and Nosivad, metal sculpturist.

During a lull in an otherwise busy outdoor arts festival, we mused over the contrast of our mediums and how they might look, combined.

I asked Nosivad if he’d consider creating an armature onto which I’d hang a fibre collage…just to see….

Two years later we had created a tidy group of fibre/metal pieces, both 2D and 3D.

We agreed, whilst collaborating our mediums, that we’d try not to “coach” the other in the creative process.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep still, but a positive result is that it “forces the flower from the bulb”, so to speak….

Nosivad creates, having his own vision of what the piece represents. He says the metal “speaks to him.”  Then it comes to my studio where I “go zen” with color and texture, probably responding to  the same “whispers” my art partner heard.

There’s usually a harmony until we get to the “naming”…it’s interesting to see how a title expresses our unique visions!

This pushes us out of our comfort spots but results in fresh, inspired, honest collaborations.

Sometimes we loosen the restraint for custom design or themed shows—but just sometimes…..

Nosivad sculpts art from reclaimed metal at his studios in St Paul, Oregon, then I embellish those pieces in fibre art collage, at my studio in NE Portland.