Creating art and marketing it…the balance!

One of the largest parts of being a working, paycheck earning artist/designer is the less colorful part– promoting, sharing, marketing and posting.

It’s great to have the cyber skills, but it simply takes me longer to learn new platforms and programs. Once I figure one out….look OUT! I’m on a roll.

But then…look away for a moment and the whole thing gets “updated”…..erk!

Rather than fool around with all this, I’d simply prefer long, private blocks of time in my studio without interruption, creating work, cutting, sewing…..sigh….. <3

I know how important it is to keep connected and promoted.

But my studio beckons……

Speaking of promoting….my first show of the year happens to be….in my home! Crazy how that came to be about 12 years ago….just 4-5 of us artist friends decided to have a little 2 day show, weekend before Valentine’s day. Back then, there were no shows and it was a great time to have fun with heart themes whilst gleaning a little paycheck in the lean time of winter. Now, 12 years later we’ve got 20+ artists and a faithful following.

Depending on the crazy late winter snow, we’ll be open Sat 10-6 and Sunday 10-5, Feb 9-10 …come see!! Say it with heART Valentine Popup boutique, 4546 NE 47th Ave, Portland 97218