May is the “middle” month….somewhere between spring shows and gearing up for summer; art camp project planning and shows.

So many directions to go. (See me spinning around-north, south, east, west in my studio? )

This is also the time when I seem to do alterations. Not planned…it’s just when they come to me.

I suddenly have a batch of suit jackets on my bench. Hey, I’m an artist, a designer! But guess the tailoring keeps me humble.

Meanwhile, I’m looking at the garden in full bloom and then some, waiting to be groomed. However, once I get out in the garden I may not be back in the studio for weeks! So tempting…

The chickens draw me out every morning and have guided me to their special little nooks & crannies in our vast garden woodland.  We let a large part of the “woods” go wild….the “girls” seem to love it so. And less mowing for us!

In between all the other work in my studio, I managed to create a new dress/shift pattern conducive to my piecework/fabric collage style. It’s simple, a pull over the head style. I’m trying it with and without tie backs. Well, I’ll just post some pics pretty soon….  Happy spring to all!