New Year, New Website!

Keeping the title from my first post on my new website seems sensible, because I’m still in the “new website” frame of mind.

I work on the site in short spurts between jobs and projects on my list…when I’ve got to sit down for a moment, breathe and contemplate that there aren’t enough hours in the day for all I’ve got to do.

There’s frustration in that.

“Midnight already? But I was just getting a rhythm for popping out these beautiful pieces on my bench…as my energy fades and I know it’s time to hit the pillow….”

This month I’m working on 21 graduation stoles for the Environmental School at Connecticut College, altering a vintage wedding dress for a client I’ve had since she was in middle school and preparing cool projects for spring art camp at Grace Institute.

I’m resting on my laurels from a successful show at Celebration of Creativity and gearing up for Gathering of the Guilds in April, where I’ll show again with the Portland Handweavers Guild.

Need more hours! Good thing I’m young 🙂


Thanks for visiting!