New Year, New Website!

I’ve been heard grumbling over the last few years that my website has been more of a “glorified resume”, I dreamt of having the time to re-create it…
I wanted a site that was more user friendly for me—whilst addressing the way customers and patrons approach me—and my work. I’m know to dance all over Facebook with new posts and photos…why not on my website, too?
When someone at a show asks: “Do you have a website?” What they are looking for can be one of a variety of things:
Some want to find a place to see my new creations right off the bench, some want to buy more of what they just purchased at the show, or seek custom made options of those.
Some folks actually want to know more about me in general, some may want to order work for their retail stores, other want to know if I’ll fit at their next juried show.

With the skilz of Shawn/, I’m able to put up a new “face” and hope to give you a good experience when you check in to my new, developing site.
Thanks for visiting!


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