custom bags custom bag custom stoles
Special order darbuka bag Special order darbuka bag Pocket details of the bags

Rounded tip of stole, custom designed for Father Gabriel

Piecework detail--this stole even has a secret pocket!
Back neck.....always a cross motif
Father Gabriel in his full ensemble
Front view of chasible
Back view of chasible
Front view of chasible--custom designed for St.Michael's and All Angels Episcopal Church
Back view of chasible
Robe for Sister Evelyn McCoy, Evangelist
Detail view of chasible skirt--A design for St. Michael's
Centerpiece for the Heart Ball, Oregon Heart Association
Back view of busking vest for Brothers of the Baladi tour in the UK--clear plastic pockets display CD's whilst the busker walks the street with the strolling musicians
Front view of busking vest with matching bag to store extra CD's
A "recycle your wardrobe" custom job--the skirt was previously a short summer dress that had seen it's day and the jacket was a handmade piece found in a 2nd hand store...I suggested my client blend them into a complete ensemble

Corsage lapel detail

A plain cream colored coat becomes an embellished Easter show stopper
A custom made bag for a "hot flash" fan
Large tote made specifically to carry the inventory of Sarah laJoie's"Attitude Hats"
A net book bag custom designed for Dusti
5 tier wrap skirt with special pieces brought for use by the client... Graduation stoles for Portland State University's 2011 LSAMP program grads