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As an avid reader of historical fact and fiction, I get my current inspiration from Middle Eastern, African, Celtic cultures and their stories. My formal training (a degree in clothing design) causes me to put motifs, design and color from these cultures into functional form fibre art for contemporary use....of course, a little fantasy never hurts!

My “process?” I often recycle,.....using collected fabrics and other supplies in an unexpected way. (A set of quirky buttons may wait 3 years before finding its perfect fit on a cozy tribal jacket.) I form islands of color and motifs ‘til something says, “I'm complete.” Folks observe my work with puzzlement, then delight, enjoying the cross cultural effect of my fibre collage.

Perhaps I’m just trying to create a little global harmony in fabric...

When I’m not selling my work at art fairs and shows, I do custom clothing-- often a great idea a client brings me, her/his need for something unusual... or simple stuff like hemming a vintage skirt. For a portion of the winter I sub for Portland Public Schools. I offer classes and workshops at my studio or other locations. During the summer I run the fibre art studio at Grace Art Camp under a tent in a lovely courtyard with a flock of busy, budding artists... where we “swim” in cultural fibre and color.

Most of the work I do is through referral.Clients approach me having been told, “Ask Jude. She’ll figure it out.” This has given me amazing creative opportunities.

I’m a happy member of the casual, coffee loving Beaumont/Wilshire Artspace artist’s organization, A 3 year board member of the West Linn Arts Festival- organizing music and entertainment and a 28 year member of Local 14, the woman’s art organization to which I owe my deepest loyalty.

Sure, there’s more to tell...but, let’s talk about you.